• Cream shirt of half sleeves with school mono, embroidered on pockets.
• Check skirts (III to XII) till knee length.
• Black shorts.
• Blue Socks with Cream Strips.
• Black Shoes (Monday to Friday).
• House T-Shirt, Navy-blue lower and sports shoes (Nur.-XII) (Saturday).
• Blue School Belt (III-XII).
• School Tie (III-XII) (Monday to Friday).
• Shoulder-length hair must be made into 2 ponies/double plaits.
• Girl’s should use Maroon Hair Band and should not leave hair loose.
• Red T-shirt with navy blue tunic, red socks with black shoes and red band (Nur.-II)


• Cream shirt with half-sleeves with school’s mono embroidered on pockets (III-XII).
• Navy Blue Full Pant (Monday to Friday) (III-XII)
• Black Shoes (Monday to Friday)
• Navy Blue Socks with Cream Strips (Monday to Friday).
• School Tie (Monday to Friday) (III-XII)
• Red T-shirt with Navy Blue tunic, (Nur.-II) (Monday to Friday)
• Red Socks (Monday to Saturday) (Nur.-II).
• Sports Shoes (Saturday) (Nur.-XII)
• Navy Blue Belt with mono (III-XII).
• Military-cut hair should not be more than 2.5 cm in length & of equal length from all the side.
• Colouring and any other fashion are to be completely avoided.

Winter Uniform

• Navy Blue blazer with School’s mono embroidered on the pocket (III-XII)
• Red Sweater with school mono (Nur-II)

Note –

01. No student is allowed to enter inside school premises to attend any class & function without proper school uniform.
02. Identity card and school diary must be brought everyday by every child.
03. Vests should be worn compulsorily under the shirts.
04. Maroon/Red ribbons/bands to be used by girls.
05. Girls of class III onwards must wear black shorts under the skirt everyday.
06. Students are not allowed to wear make-up or jewellery to school.
07. Girls having long hair must have their hair in two plaits and no single pony is allowed in school.
08. Sikh boys are supposed to wear only black coloured in school.
09. Colouring of Hair’s not allowed in school.
10. Henna and Tattos are not permitted in school.
11. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings or any jewellery in school.